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Cynthia Z Salem*PL


Title: Grand Inter Champion & CH WCF
Color: NEM ns 21 - seal silver tabby
Date of birth: 08.10.2007
Father: Salem Kocia Eminencja *PL
Mother: WCH WCF Karolina Siberian Samotsvet*RU
Pedigree: (PL)FPL RX 1430

USG HCM i PKD - negatywny
FIV i FeLV - negatywny
Grupa krwi - A

Coco has a very dynamic and independent personality. She was trying to bring up Dasza at first day of her staying at our home. She was hissing loudly in order to not permit Dasza to come closer . However, after two days girls made friends and Dasza was permitted to look after Coco. It is a nice picture when Dasza licks off Coco whose head shakes. She sometimes likes when her belly is scraped and then her moving paws looks like the gesture of ‘’giving up’’ Coco prefers being carried around the house to lazy lying on the knees of the owner. She also brought up us :) She behave as a small pest – pouring water out of a flowerpot, smashing grapes, scattering the shoes all over the house -it is her job! But she is the sweetest scamp of all I know. I like her evening custom of walking with me step by step around the house – she looks like a small puppy then.

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